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Roger Marsh, The Bottom Line Show: “I’m truly grateful for OUR partnership as well. Not really having any idea what I was getting into11 years ago, you on the other hand caught the vision straight away and have played a big part in stewarding it.

Jedd Medefind, Executive Director, Christian Alliance for Orphans: “Thank you very much for all you’ve poured into helping us this year. You have truly made a huge difference in helping us ‘speak up’ for those who cannot speak for themselves. We are blessed to have you as a friend and co-laborer.”

Debbie Chavez, The Debbie Chavez Show: “You are the BEST publicist I’ve ever worked with. You are so helpful and so quick to make all the necessary arrangements.”

Bob Boyd, Issues in Education: “You are the ultimate man of efficiency! Very fast and reliable and dependable for setting up the very best interviews.

Stephanie Riggs, News anchor and radio host: “I have one thing to say. HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY how much I appreciate you? Where did you come from?  You are really amazing! Thank you doesn’t begin to express it!

Tara Lopez, CJCA Radio: “Thank you, thank you! I appreciate your super-fast replies, as always! Thank you for providing us with GREAT content. We have callers asking about your authors all the time.

Stephanie Flies, Family Matters: “I wish everyone I deal with in setting up interviews could be as prompt and helpful as you are. It would make my job a lot easier.”

John Callahan, WGRC Radio: “I will offer up only praise for your work on our behalf and for the job you have done and the manner in which you’ve engaged us. Just so you know.”

David Bunker, AWANA: “Man that was fast! If it were a phone call, I’d say it didn’t even ring. You are so efficient! It is great working with you and your authors . . . you do a great job! I really appreciate what you do. I value you reading the material and understanding what we are about. Thank you for having a high standard. It makes my job easier.”

Denise Wylie, WPOS Radio: “This thank you note is long overdue. Thanks for all you do for the kingdom! Thanks for all your help providing good guests for radio and TV.”

Dr. Jerry Newcombe: “Thank you for doing a fabulous job for me. I am more than pleased. I am ecstatic. Thank you for being a wonderful part of helping me reach this goal.”

Yvonne Ortega, Author: “You can expect excellence. Don is professional, well connected, and greatly responsible for increasing our ministry’s influence nationwide. He goes above and beyond consistently.

There have been multiple times when he has taken a current issue, suggested it to me, and landed media around topics I wouldn’t have thought about or even seen opportunity in but he has always been right.  I’ve worked with several media folks over the years and he is the absolute best, by far! 

He knows the media outlets really well and can select the right venues for the right authors.” 

Nina Roesner, Greater Impact Ministries: “What you need to know about Don is his reputation in the industry is simply spotless. I frequently hear compliments about how much media people enjoy working with him – he is trusted, well connected, highly respected, and worth your investment.”

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