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We recognize that more than ever, authors need to expand their platform to gain greater media coverage to communicate their message. One of the fastest growing methods is podcasting. And we know of no more experienced group that can help you do this. PVC Audio Video (pfcaudiovideo.com) based in Colorado Springs. For more than thirty years, PFC has been creating content by booking guests, writing scripts and recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio. From full length, nationally syndicated radio programs, to podcasts with as many as 25,000 downloads per episode, PFC is known for creating high-quality content.

The founder, Mike Segovia,  joined the team at Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk in 2014 as the Director of Broadcast. He now heads up a team of editors and producers at PFC with the final goal of producing high quality and professional podcasts. Check out his full bio and experience here — https://pfcaudiovideo.com/about. He understands the industry and has fresh ideas to push your product and to get your name out to the public.


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Michael A. Segovia
Owner of PFCAudioVideo

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