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Veritas helps authors, publishers and organizations gain exposure for their products or services by providing:

  • Media consulting
  • Media release writing and conceptualization
  • Facts sheets and media questions
  • Quick releases (generally overnight and time-sensitive)
  • Interview training and scheduling (radio and television)
  • Pre-publication print and trade distribution

A broadcast media campaign typically lasts four months and includes reading each manuscript or completed book and then writing a media release, generating suggested questions, author bio and fact or quote sheets.

We create media materials to coincide with current events, news, or real-world trends. Our releases are not book reviews but are designed to serve as a hook to attract the attention and interest of hosts, producers or editors. A media campaign also includes up to sixty-minutes of direct coaching for authors who want to make the most of their media experience.

Costs: Competitive prices will be proposed based upon the scope of the desired services and type of media campaign. Media campaigns start at $600 /month.

Results: Media campaigns can produce as many as 100 interviews but will typically generate between 20 and 50 interviews. Results will vary based on a book’s subject matter, timeliness of the topic, packaging (cover design and title), communication styles, and the availability of the author for interviews.

Timing: The first few months after the release of a book are the most crucial. Some authors with hard-hitting issues can do well with a targeted media approach. We encourage authors to make themselves available on short notice and expect some early morning interviews.

Suggestions: Read your book thoroughly before doing your first interview. Identify key points you want to make in each media interview. Keep a marked-up copy of your book and materials with you for every radio interview. Be ready to tell stories while maintaining enthusiasm throughout an interview.


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