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Katherine Pasour, Ph.D

Stay the Course

Studies show a huge percentage of Christians who go off to college eventually leave their faith (between 50 and 80 percent). Anti-Christian bias, poor grounding in their faith and sexualization in university settings are given as the answers. Dr. Pasour served as a college professor and understands the pressures young people face going off to university. She says it is possible not just to survive but to thrive in college and beyond. She offers practical tips for students and parents alike about how to prepare for the onslaught of temptations, pressures, decision-making, and planning that can be overwhelming. She calls tenacity and stubbornness toward goals vital in overcoming obstacles and challenges along the way (Reidsville, North Carolina).

Grace Fox

Names of God: Living Unafraid

“One way God helps us focus on the truth about His nature is by revealing His various names in Scripture” says Grace Fox. “One thing is certain,” she says, “God wants us to know that His intent has always been to have a relationship with us.” Fox says the name Yahweh appears more than 6,000 times in the Old Testament, roughly translated “my Lord.” The offshoots to this name, Jehovah and Adonai. “God revealed His name Yahweh to show that He wants us to know Him and experience His involvement in our lives moment by moment,” says Fox (Abbotsford, British Columbia)

Erwin Lutzer

The Eclipse of God

“America is experiencing a near total eclipse,” says Dr. Lutzer. “We see the increase in violence, treachery, the abuse of the law, depravity, racial conflict, sexual perversity, drug use, and suicide. Darkness is being protected and normalized while light is being vilified and criminalized.” He explains that we are first and foremost in a spiritual battle. “This is a battle that reason, science, and biology cannot win,” he says. “Irrationality has gripped our nation.” Lutzer identifies three key objectives: 1. To better understand the intellectual roots of this present darkness, 2. To rejoice that God is sovereign and stands ready to give us the blessing of His presence, 3. To remind us that only a repentant/submissive church can shine the light of the gospel (Chicago, Illinois).

Dr. Gregg Jantz, Ph.D.

Here Today, Ghosted Tomorrow

“Digital distance makes ghosting an ever-present option” says Dr. Jantz. Increasingly, people who thought they had close friends or good relationships suddenly find themselves wondering what happened when calls, texts, emails are not returned. Jantz goes into the reasons for this new trend, explains the damage it does, and describes how social media has contributed to the anonymity behind the practice. He goes on to explain how we can recover (and protect ourselves) from toxic relationships (Seattle, WA).

Al Erisman & Randy Pope

Living with Purpose in a Polarizing World

American evangelism is deeply divided. Denominations are splitting, many churches are dying, and being known as a Christian is now a social negative. The number of self-identifying Christians is declining, church attendance is declining, and more young people are leaving the church and their faith. But it is not time to panic. According to Erisman and Pope, living in a polarizing culture is nothing new. They point to numerous examples in the Bible, explain how godly men and women navigated tough situations, and encourage us to do the same. The authors identify five responses in our increasingly post-Christian culture. These include resignation and assimilation, withdrawal and retrenchment, fear, seeking power, and anger (Seattle, Washington).

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