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Dr. Rob Rienow

Visionary Church: How Your Church Can Strengthen Families

Many families are fractured, under stress, or suffering from the strain of day-to-day uncertainties. Parents are desperate for any help they can get as the culture offers temptations and struggles that seek to undermine Judeo-Christian values. While Dr. Rienow believes parents are ultimately responsible for the moral and spiritual guidance of their children, his book offers concrete ways that churches can equip and strengthen families so that faith will be passed down through the generations (Wheaton, Illinois).

Dr. Deborah Miller

Teacher, Do You Love Me?

Educating children has never been so difficult. In an age of pandemic, children are lost in the shuffle. No wonder homeschooling has more than doubled in the last year alone (11.1% of U.S. households). Educational specialist, Dr. Deborah Miller, looks at education from an entirely different angle. She believes the greatest depravation children face is lack of love. “I am positive that a lack of love kills.” Dr. Miller cites mortality rates of infants in orphanages and nurseries who were starved for touch and love. These release a hormone that boosts immune responses. She is an advocate for approaching students through the lens of love and acceptance rather than just testing and scoring (Vancouver, Washington).

Dr. John Barber

The Trees Have Goats

John Barber has started two colleges in East Africa and travels the Middle East and North Africa researching the role of women in Islam. He is a professor of theology at Whitefield Theological Seminary who suggests Christianity brought liberty to women while Islam still views women as property. “The path of abuse many women trod stunned me,” says Barber. He says his book, based on dozens of interviews inside Muslim countries, is a “call to action.” Violence against women in Muslim cultures is the norm. Personal freedom and education are hardly guaranteed (Lakeland, Florida).

Paul M. Gallagher

A Perfect Walk: One Man’s Lifelong Struggle with Anxiety, OCD, and Suicidal Thoughts

Mental illness is increasing. Nearly 1 out of 5 adults experienced some form of mental illness before the pandemic. The rate of suicidal ideation is increasing not just in adults, but in teenagers as well. “I have tried to conceal my mental health battle for most of my life,” writes Gallagher. “I have found that hiding the truth doesn’t do anyone any good.” He finally sought help. “I felt life was not worth living. I was having repetitive, senseless thoughts and behavior—violent behavior, constant worry, irritability, tension and fear.” After years of suffering, Gallagher trusted God who accepted him in his imperfection. He says, “Not a single incident of our lives is wasted—good or bad” (Vail, Colorado).

Bob Arnold

When the Circle is Broken

“In the depts of our pain, the heart becomes the center for transformation of our suffering,” says Bob Arnold.

Bob and Jeanne Arnold remember the sudden death of their daughter, Marcie, to a rare heart defect; something no one knew until it was too late. She died alone. She died at the prime of life (23-years), and her sudden passing left a boulder-sized hole in the hearts of a close-knit family who were serving in Youth for Christ leadership. The Arnold’s share their grief and helplessness, but they also help readers learn how to connect with those in grief. “God is not absent but very present in our pain. I discovered that grief has no timeline,” says Arnold. But God is ever faithful in our pain (Parksville, Maryland).

Dave Sterrett

Jesus Conversations: Effective Everyday Engagement

“Don’t think you have to wait until you have all the answers and conversational tactics down before talking about Jesus,” writes Sterrett, who hold s a graduate degree in apologetics. How much do we really love the lost, he asks? During an era where truth and religion are seen as questionable, Sterrett helps steer readers toward asking penetrating questions and developing a heart for those who are resistant. He talks about how to start conversations, apologetics, reasons for God’s existence, engaging other religions, and asking better questions (Lynchburg, VA).

Melissa Heiland

Get Set: A Spiritual Preparation for Short-Term Missions

Most Christians know about the Great Commission, but few actually engage in active evangelism. Going on a short-term mission trip can be scary and stretching but also exhilarating. Heiland, a graduate of Wake Forest, shares her own experiences and encourages believers to engage, explore, and experience the thrill of reaching out to those who have never heard the good news. She is the founder and president of Beautiful Feet, an organization that creates crisis pregnancy centers around the world (Daytona Beach, FL).

Joel Malick & Alex Lippert

Afterwork: an honest discussion about the retirement lie . . .

While working with numerous clients over the years, financial advisors Malick and Lippert began to see a pattern; many people were well-prepared financially but ill-prepared in other critical ways.  “Purpose is central,” they say. Many people work their entire lives longing for retirement. Once they arrive, they find something missing. The cornerstone habits offset what they refer to as the “sugar rush of retirement.” “The retirement lie is to think that a selfish retirement is a good one,” say the authors. No wonder the rate of gray divorces has doubled for those over 50 and more than tripled for those 65 and older in recent years. The lasting values and impact we leave behind as we experience life with others will be what matters (Colorado Springs, Colorado).

Phil Bell

The Family Ministry Playbook

“What draws people to most churches is crisis and kids,” says Bell. A family is willing to tolerate a mediocre church service as long as their kids a thriving in youth group. Bell believes it is the job of the local church to connect with parents as well as their kids. Many parents pass off the spiritual and moral growth of their children to youth workers and that’s never the best formula for growth. Research shows that parents have the greatest influence on the spiritual development of their children. When churches and parents work together, the results are profound (North Carolina).

Laura Beth Perry

From Transgender to Transformed

The gay and transgender lifestyles are touted as people embracing reality, being true to self, and finding genuine peace. These are lies says Perry. Born a female, she went through hormone treatments and mutilation to become a man. Instead, she found deep depression, unhappiness, and misery. After coming to faith in Christ, she de-transitioned and lives today as God designed her.  Her story is a wake-up call to a culture pushing an anti-science ideal that produces misery and despair and leads to depression and high rates of suicide (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma).

Dr. Bill Means

Realms Beyond the Gate: 7 Principles that Govern God’s Kingdom

With less than half of all professing Christians reading their Bible three to four times a year, something is off with the state of the Church. Even those who do attend church weekly, less than a third think it is the most vital part of their week. Denominations are struggling and younger generations are disengaged. According to Dr. Means, we have tried so hard to become relevant to the world that we cease to grasp what faith is all about. Though many western Christians believe salvation is repeating a simple prayer, Means says this doesn’t do justice to the meaning of Jesus’ teaching about striving to enter by the straight gate. “It is not a simple matter to get into the kingdom of God,” he says. “Jesus is telling us this salvation thing is not so easy to obtain (Ft. Smith, Arkansas).

Dr. Pierre Rosa

The Book of Revelation: Unveiling God's Plan for Humanity

The world has changed dramatically in just sixteen months. Massive heat, drought, COVID (pestilence), riots, and blatant perversion being touted as PRIDE. In the Middle East, missiles rained down on Jewish cities and the conflict between Israel and Iran is a footstep away. Dr. Rosa is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (DMin) who served on staff with Dr. David Jeremiah who explains in detail what we can expect in the days ahead. Like in the days of Noah, people are going about their business as usual, the Book of Revelation is God’s warning about what is ahead. “God increases the power of the weak, and decreases the power of the wicked,” says Rosa. “He exposes the Church and equips the Church to deal with sin (Salem, Oregon).

Joe Dallas

Christians in a Cancel Culture: Speaking with Truth and Grace in a Hostile World

We are living in a post-Christian culture where ideas of absolute morality are scoffed at and Christians are demonized for not accepting the new normal. From LGBTQ to Critical Race Theory, BLM, abortion and transgenderism, Dallas lays out the challenges we face and how to respond with grace and truth. Much of what mainstream media is parroting is wrong, he says. Christians must draw a line in the sand and be the salt and light the world desperately needs in an ever-changing culture (Orange, California).

Tim Alba

Well Done, Mom & Dad

Young people raised in a Christian family that attended church are leaving the church if they don’t find connection. Just ten percent of 18-29-year-olds are considered “resilient believers”. Many young people have their hand on the door, ready to leave. Alba says that raising and educating our kids is a parental responsibility. He says most of us end up parenting by default rather than by intention. “Most parents are good parents with good intentions who want simple solutions and quick fixes for today’s problems.” His book lays out the vision, encourages parents to adopt a specific approach that helps them arrive at a singular purpose. “Your job isn’t to get your children to copy you. It’s to align their godly treasures with God.” (Dallas, Texas).

Elaine Kennelly

Not Yet Healed: Finding Peace after a Suicide Loss

Elaine lost an 18-year-old son to suicide. In fact, suicide is our nation’s silent pandemic. It is a worldwide problem with over 800,000 suicide deaths each year and it is rising. She says, “Suicide is still rooted in the shame and guilt of the survivors. It is still a hushed conversation or, worse yet, no conversation at all.” In her book she covers all the questions and issues surrounding suicide and breaks these down into The Death, The Battle and Hope and Healing. She takes us through the loss, the inability to find closure, the many questions, the blame and always in the background the question of “why.” But as she ends, the book on a positive note; there is always healing in spite of the pain (Loveland, CO).

Courtney Ellis
Courtney Ellis

Happy Now: Let Joyfulness Life Your Load and Renew Your Spirit

We are bombarded by the negative, surrounded by bad news, and looking for peace in the midst of it all. Ellis reminds us that God wants us to be both holy and happy. That playfulness and humor are good medicine. “We engage in whimsy not because life is easy,” says Ellis but “because life is difficult.” In a world where we find ourselves in fear or running from one task to the next, she reminds us that relentless seriousness is wearing us down (Mission Viejo, California).

Dr. Gregg Jantz

When a Loved One is Addicted

Addictions are not decreasing in the U.S.; they are on the rise. From food to prescription drugs to social media, many people can seem to say no to the things that harm themselves or their loved ones. Dr. Jantz says living with an addict means trust is next to impossible, you will always be second place in their lives, they are crazy-makers, and their friends are often just like them. There is hope, explains Jantz, “God is much bigger than any addiction” (Seattle, WA).

Denise Shick
Denise Shick

I'm Glad God Made Me a Girl

Denise grew up with a father who decided he wanted to be a woman. As devastating as this was to her, she has written about her experiences and encourages people with gender confusion to seek help, not acceptance for their feelings. God has designed male and female and coming to accept the reality of our God-given gender is paramount toward one’s healing. She has written a series of booklets, What’s Up with Cousin Stacy? which addresses a family member coming out as gay and The Boy Who Liked Tea Parties, a story about a boy who, with the help of his father, learns to value both male and female friends.

June Hunt
June Hunt

ENVY & JEALOUSY: Taming the Terrible Twins

Every human craves Love, Significance and Security. What happens when these are missing? In a broken family, in a broken world, jealousy and envy can wreak havoc. Depression and anger are often present when jealousy rears its ugly head. Hunt explains “worldly jealousy is not based on love, but on wrong desires.” With envy comes ingratitude and sense of entitlement. She helps us see that life is not always fair, that gratitude is an antidote for complaining and discontentment, and that God’s desire for us is wholeness. She includes checklists that help us see where we stand on envy and jealousy (Dallas, TX).

Stephen Arterburn
Stephen Arterburn

100 Days to Freedom from Fear and Anxiety

The levels of anxiety and depression are high. Most people don’t know what the future holds and this creates added pressure. Steve Arterburn says, “Sometimes our anxiety can keep us from moving forward. It’s like an invisible barrier that prevents us from doing what we need to do.” Fear locks us up and keeps us from making sound decisions, or any decisions at all, for fear it they will be wrong. His book is designed to bring hope and help provide simple anecdotes to life’s inevitable anxiety which he says is born out of a sense of loss of control (Carmel, Indiana).

Stephen Black
Stephen Black

Freedom Realized: Finding Freedom from Homosexuality

Born gay? Gay Christian? Not so fast. A new study shows that an astonishing 72 percent of same sex attracted people who want help and commit a year toward freedom from their sexual brokenness and addiction find it. An unprecedented survey conducted by Stephen Black and his colleagues included an initial 1,200 client files compiled over twenty-five years. The 185 respondents (main focus group of responders) came to First Stone Ministries as sexually broken (88 to 92 percent). According to Black, “There are tens of thousands of people across the United States who have permanently left a homosexual or gay identity” (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma).

James L. Payne, PhD

The Big Government We Love to Hate: Exploring the Roots of Political Malaise

The trend of confidence in the Federal Government is at an all time low and yet most people still believe it can fix everything from healthcare to education and end a pandemic. Payne, a political scientist, says “failurism is not a thought-out position” but rather an “emotional impulse that makes us want to worship government, put it on a pedestal.” He argues that anytime government gets involved in “solving problems” it ends up costing nearly twice as much as private provision of the same service (Sandpoint, Idaho).

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