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The Last Big Event: How to Promote During a Pandemic

It was late February in Nashville. The Religious Broadcaster’s Convention was in full swing. For me, it was a form of mostly controlled chaos that involved working with the media, authors, book signings, and slapping hands. Who would have thought […]

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Interviews can Make a Difference

Interviews can make a Difference

“We do publicity because it makes our authors happy,” one publisher told me. “It doesn’t sell books.” That matter-of-fact comment from someone I respect was like a hit to the solar plexus. For nearly three decades I have been setting […]

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The Fear Factor: 5 Things That Can Go Wrong In An Interview

The Fear Factor: 5 Things that can go wrong in an Interview

It was sometime in 2012 when the idea started to germinate. At the time it seemed like a distant possibility. I thought, “Can I do it?” It would take near-perfect weather, remaining injury-free, and a determination to reach a goal […]

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When Your Media Plans Don’t Go As Planned

When Your Media Plans Don’t Go As Planned

My wife and I were soundly asleep in the Sacramento Airport a few weeks ago during a six hour layover. Well, maybe not soundly but at least it was quiet until some lady showed up and decided she needed to […]

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